10 Questions To Ask Yourself After Being Ghosted

Here we can swap the word ‘ghosted’ for ‘triggered’. 

It is natural to feel triggered when you have been ghosted. Most people who are ghosted report feeling left with a lack of closure. They have gone, and we are left to deal with our internal responses. 

In response, we might feel a myriad of emotions. We might feel abandoned, sad, unimportant, irrelevant, dismissed, let down, angry, confused or indignant. All feelings are valid and allowed. Let’s be curious about what comes up for you.

Notice your reactions. Do you feel impulsed to reach out and attack them? If so, that is your ‘fight or flight’ system being activated. You might have moved into hyperarousal. Notice this and work with some tried and tested ways to bring you back into your window of tolerance. That might be meditation, breathing, connection, or being in nature. 

Then take time to be curious about your responses. This is where the journal prompts above could be helpful.

Let me know if they were helpful in the comments.

As always, much love,