Your Wounded Inner Child

A staggering 99% of you in a recent online poll felt that you had a wounded inner child part. 

You said that this part is showing up as shame, the fear of abandonment, the fear of trusting others and letting people get too close, emotional reactions that don’t fit the circumstances, anxiety and panic, a sensitivity to criticism, feeling insecure most of the time, a lack of confidence, and feeling that something is wrong with you. This child part needs you. She needs you to pause, turn inward and attend to her. You can learn how to do this. I teach you how in the Inner Child Healing course.

Building a healthy relationship with yourself takes time and effort if you have grown up with unhealthy relationships around you. 

It takes time to change the patterns that were put in place in childhood. 

It takes time to learn HOW to turn within and care for the vulnerable part of yourself.

It takes time to gently learn new ways of holding yourself.

Give yourself the time you deserve.

You are so worth it!

Love, Jen