Your Role in the Therapeutic Process

If you know there is something big you want to share, but you don’t feel safe in the first meeting, that is okay and is understandable and healthy. You could let your therapist know that there is something important to you that you would like to share, but that you are not ready yet, and you will let them know when you do feel ready.

It is also normal to feel vulnerable in therapy. We sit there and tell the therapist everything. A great thing to remember as you share things that make you cringe is that most therapists have had considerable struggles in their life. They are not perfected beings, immune from tarnish. In fact, the struggles that many therapists have encountered, are often what has led them to become therapists. Usually, they have been in therapy for a number of years themselves, they have experienced the transformation possible and feel a desire to assist others.

Although your therapist might not have experienced exactly what you are going through, they may have had a similar experience or worked with similar presentations in other clients.

Let me know if you have other points to add to the list on the tile.

Love Jen

  • Your Role in the Therapeutic Process