Why You Have Outbursts

When we push our emotions down, they get stuck in the body. WE have phases where we feel stable, and life goes on until something takes the lid off. It might be your child spilling paint on the carpet, it might be being dumped for the third time, or it might be that guy who just cut you off.  

Suddenly the lid comes off. There is an overwhelming flood of emotions that feel uncontainable. You scream at your parents or your child or the guy in the car. 

You are left wondering where on Earth that came from. It felt disproportionate to the event, and the reaction was too strong. Then comes the shame. Maybe I was too harsh on my parents or my child. I’m a terrible person; something is wrong with me.

Nothing is wrong with you. You reacted strongly to something. Get curious. What might I be holding in that is trying to come out? How can I make space for my emotions so they can be processed? How can I slow down and breathe in the moment?

Always be gentle with yourselves, Love Jen