Why Apologies Are Important

Saying sorry is important when it is done with sincerity and when real actions are taken to make amends and to right the wrong that was done. An apology can be a powerful gift for both the giver and the receiver, and it is frequently the beginning of a healing journey.

However, making a sincere apology takes immense courage and isn’t always easy. So many of us do not give that all-important apology even though we know deep down that we should. We make up excuses as to why we should not have to apologise, why it’s actually “not our fault”, and we create layers and layers of stories to shield us from what we know to be true. Unfortunately, this only delays the healing process and makes it a more complicated and difficult path to traverse. Many of my clients could have escaped years of stress and anxiety from fractured relationships if they had just received or given a sincere apology and started their healing journey earlier. 

Who in your life needs to hear you say “I’m Sorry”?

Love, Jen