When to Let Go of a Relationship

Have you ever experienced the confusion and struggle of not knowing whether you should stay or leave a relationship? ⁣

You might have two parts. One who wants to stay and might see the good in your partner or be afraid of being alone or scared about the future. And another part that wants to leave might feel there are irresolvable differences and might not see a future with this person or want to go off on a solo adventure. When these two parts pull in the opposite direction, with one shouting ‘Stay!’ and the other shouting ‘Go!’, it can feel like you are in your own personal hell.⁣

In this episode, we cover 7 indicators that it might be time to let go of your relationship.⁣ Listen to Jen’s Podcast here

Jen is a licensed Clinical Psychotherapist, Couple Therapist and Energetic Healer based in Sydney and licensed to practice globally.⁣