What is Your Self-Love Language?

When we give love to ourselves abundantly, it is easier to give love in all its forms to others.⁣

So, why do we struggle to show love to ourselves? Some of us were taught that it is ‘good’ to put ourselves at the bottom of the pile. ⁣

Some of us learnt:⁣

To make sure everyone else in the family is happy and content, and only then can we give ourselves any time or kindness.  ⁣
That it is a weakness to need anything at all, so not only do we not expect it from anyone else, but we starve ourselves of any internal love.⁣
That our needs are not valid, because at the time we were surrounded by people who couldn’t meet them. So, we learnt to deny our needs, even to ourselves.⁣

IT IS TIME FOR THIS TO STOP. Everyone has a need for love. Without it we become disconnected, cold, and harsh, to ourselves and to other people. When we give love to ourselves freely, we glow with a warmth that is perceptible to others, and we are more generous in the love we give to others.⁣

By making the time and effort to fill our own cup, it is then easier to fill other’s cups.⁣

I feel love through physical touch and words of affirmation, I’m on a long drive in the car today as a passenger, so I’m going to give myself some extra words of affirmation along the way.⁣
What will you do today, in your love language, to fill your cup? A gift from you, to you? I’d love to hear in the comments section.⁣

What is Your Self-Love Language