What is the Inner Child?

Attachment wounding is often the result of a familial cycle. It can result in feelings of self-hatred, being out of your body, ungrounded, deep insecurity and anxiety, having an overactive mind, being wary of others, and a sense of being deficient in some way. All of this impacts your relationship with yourself and others. 

When we are breaking cycles, we need to do something differently. One of the most powerful things I did for myself on my healing journey was meeting and working with my inner child. It is one of the most powerful ways I know to begin to heal attachment wounds and move into deeper self-love, trust, self-compassion and peace.

In my upcoming course, ‘Relationship Cycle Breaker,’ I walk you through this process, giving you repeatable tools to change your life and relationship patterns.

Wherever you are on your healing journey, know that healing IS possible. 

Love, Jen