What is Self-awareness?

Self-awareness is awareness of the self, rather than the external environment. It is a process of assessing how you are aligning to your own internal ideals and values. It is also the ability to know how your actions impact others. 

Self-awareness is positively correlated with higher levels of happiness and is something you can practice and increase.

As a therapist it is my job to help people become more self-aware and curious about themselves. This is kind of easy for me, because I have been curious about this in myself ever since I can remember. 

Someone once asked me if I thought being self-reflective was indulgent. For me it is not. For me, being self-reflective is part of being human. It is part of being a responsible human. I value self-awareness, so I need to be self-reflective if I am to have self-awareness.

I find value in reflecting on my words and action, feeling into my triggers, and knowing how my history impacts me when I am stressed. When I know myself, I am kinder, I am more able to pause in the moment, to know my emotions and my triggers and make informed decisions.

For me, self-awareness did not arrive overnight and suddenly I was totally self-aware. Not at all! For me, self-awareness is an unending journey into myself. It is like getting to know myself as my own best friend. I am curious and aware. I still surprise myself; I still get disappointed in myself; I still feel proud of myself. 

When I imagine a world of self-aware, self-reflective people, I imagine a softer, more peaceful, healthier planet.

Let me know what you think about this.