What is “New Relationship Anxiety”?

Anxiety is usually protective. It is trying to stop us from being hurt. Feeling some anxiety at the beginning of a new relationship is quite common. 

When we enter a new relationship, we start to dance with vulnerability. Vulnerability requires courage and is, in fact, a measure of our courage. We can’t have courage without stepping into vulnerability (see Brene Brown’s @brenebrownwork for more). When we decide it is safe to open our hearts, we are both courageous and vulnerable. It’s not easy.

This period of anxiety can also be a period of assessment as you assess safety. You inwardly ask how safe it feels to open your heart to this person. Opening your heart too soon can cause pain, but remaining distant can block the connection. This phase is about discovering the sweet spot for you.

Love, Jen

Let me know in the comments if you relate to this idea of ‘new relationship anxiety.’