Unresolved Experiences

This is called a ‘ stopped process’ in the somatic (bodywork) I use with my clients. This is when an experience is so overwhelming that we cannot integrate it when it happens, and the event’s energy gets ‘stuck’ in the body and the nervous system.

When this happens, our psyche may keep on re-creating the same situation in different ways to complete and integrate the experience into the whole being. When I say ‘recreate’, it might be a different situation, but the feelings that arise in you are precisely the same as those that happened in the unresolved experience.

So, how do you complete an unresolved experience? In therapy, I draw on many different modalities to help my clients complete a stopped process. Many people think it is about reliving the painful or confusing experience, but this is not the case and can be re-traumatising. 

I use a three-phased approach based on the latest findings of blue knot foundation, the leading complex trauma organisation in Australia. 

Phase 1 – Safety and Stabilisation

Phase 2 – Safe Trauma Processing

Phase 3 – Integration – integrating the trauma into their life story 

It is a safe, gentle and dynamic process that leaves people feeling freer, more regulated, with more agency and more free energy to use in their life as they chose. It is a process of liberation and healing.

This is HOW we break the cycles of intergenerational trauma. Wherever you are on your healing journey, I see you. 

Love, Jen