UK Adventures

last month, I went for a beautiful walk with my family and thought how wonderful it would be to hang out with my friends and family in the UK. One hour later, I had one hour to pack my suitcase and get to the airport, and I was on a flight to surprise everyone in the UK. I have lived in Australia for 18 years; this is the first time I have surprised everyone.

My word for 2023 was ‘freedom’. This was one of those moments where I felt free to be where I thought I needed to be and with the people I needed to be with.

It has been food for my soul, spending quality time with so many people who are so special to me.

I leave in 2 days and am aware of a sad part that is heavy to go and an excited part that is excited to be with my family and friends in Australia again.

So many wonderful parts to this adventure:

  • Waking up in Laura’s beautiful home
  • Staying with a friend and her family in Brighton
  • Reconnecting with old friends in London
  • Visiting York Cathedral
  • Camping with my mum
  • Walking in the many forests and fields
  • Watching lambs suckle
  • Listening to cows
  • Being welcomed into Patrick Brompton Hall
  • Eating Indian food
  • Soaking in the British sun (it has been sunny for three and a half weeks!!! – it could be a miracle!)

So many special moments with people I adore and time in the countryside where I grew up. I’m not sure I can explain how much joy I get from seeing a robin dart around, a bluetit flutter at the feeder, or knowing the names of all the flowers.

Food for the soul.