Trauma & Secure Attachment

When we experience trauma as a child, and our mother (or primary caregiver) is not attuned to our needs, this is attachment trauma. 50% of the population have an insecure attachment style. This means the mother was not available in the way the child needed. Maybe they were drinking, negligent or depressed. As a result, the child had to learn to care for themselves and developed various adaptations.

When doing trauma work with a trauma-informed therapist, there is the potential to heal attachment wounds. As the therapist is attuned to the client, responds to the client’s distress and helps the client return to a state of calm, the client learns what it feels like to be attended to, to be cared for and about.

This is a deeply healing experience. Over time the client feels safe enough to explore more and more of their inner and outer world, just like a child with a secure attachment. The client learns what this secure attachment feels like and learns to become that secure attachment for themselves and others. 

This leads to happier, more fulfilling relationships. It takes time and focus, but it CAN be done!

Trauma & Secure Attachment


Reference: Ogden, P., Pain C., & Fisher, J. (2006). A sensorimotor approach to the treatment of trauma and dissociation. Psychiatric Clinics of North America, 29, 263-279