Tips to Handle Gaslighting at Work

Gaslighting at work can ruin your confidence and career. I have seen it.⁣

The behaviour is easier to manage if other people in the office see what is happening. It is much more difficult when one person is singled out by the gaslighter, who is friendly with everyone else. This is when the line between bullying and gaslighting can become blurred. ⁣

Over time, this behaviour wears down the recipient, makes them question their skills and capabilities at work and can profoundly affect their self-esteem. It is not sustainable long term.⁣

Following the steps above should help to protect you from gaslighting at work. If nothing changes, you will need to ask yourself if staying in this job is worth it. It seems unfair to have to leave a job when you are not the one in the wrong, but your mental health and wellbeing deserves to be protected. ⁣