The Six Second Kiss Challenge

John Gottman calls it ‘a kiss with potential’.

Think about your usual kisses. They are usually a ‘peck’ on the lips before you leave for work, or a quick kiss saying ‘hello’.

Often your mind is already thinking about what you are going to say after the routine peck. Or you are still in the middle of the thought you were having.

The kiss is routine and has no magic in it.

Now to the 6-second kiss. It’s long enough for your mind to slow down and for you to focus on your partner. There is a sense of exhaling as your lips touch. There is a sense of the other person slowing down too and feeling you through your lips in return.

Now to the challenge:

Try a 6-second kiss a day for a week and then let me know what you notice in the comments below.

The six second kiss challenge