Taking a Break from a Relationship

There have been times in my life when I have taken breaks from certain people. Self-care is vital when a relationship is going through a particularly triggering or intense time.

I have had many clients who have found it beneficial to take a break from a relationship while they gain perspective and get some help with that relationship. When we re-enter the relationship, we do it with a different perspective and different boundaries.

When we want to take a break, it is normal that the other person might become scared, so explaining your reasons calmly and clearly will be helpful.

It might sound like:

“Since that incident last week, I have had a lot coming up for me. I am working through it with a therapist, and while I do that, I am going to give myself some space from the family. This is only a temporary situation. When I am ready to reconnect, I’ll let you know.”

The other person might protest. If they do, repeat the last line and stay firm with your boundary. 

During stressful times our inner child is often very triggered and needs to be taken care of. If you would like some guidance in working with your inner child, I have a guided meditation available. Click the link in my bio “Inner Child Healing Meditation”.

Love Jen