Signs You are Living on Autopilot

Thinking about where you want to go in life and what you are doing to get there

Bring meaning and gratitude into your daily life

Take time to rest and not do anything

Do new things regularly

We have a choice to live life on autopilot or to live life ‘awake’, but to be awake, we have to do things differently. Not everything all at once, but we need to learn to bring more awareness into our daily lives. Slowly we find ourselves more present driving the kids to school, more present in our meetings and less zoned out watching the TV. More awareness comes into our communication and relationships, and we become more aware of the repeating cycles in our lives that we would like to change.

When we are living on autopilot, much of our life force is simply not being used. As we ‘wake up’, more energy becomes available. It is like moving from being in a black-and-white movie to a full technicolour one. Suddenly, we are more aware of the colours, sounds, and smells. We are more fully engaged in our relationships and purposeful about changes we would like to make.

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Love always, Jen


Reference: Razzetti, G. (2018). How to Stop Living Life on Autopilot.