Significance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

IQ counts for a lot, but research shows that people with a high IQ are NOT the most fulfilled or the most successful. Maybe you know people who are really smart, but struggle socially and in intimate relationships? 

IQ will help you get the place you want at the university you want, but it is the emotional quotient (EQ) that will help you manage the stress of the workload and build valuable, authentic connections at work and in your personal life.s

So, why is your emotional quotient so important? Your EQ affects both your inner and outer experience of life in a profound way. When we have a high EQ, our self-awareness and ability to self-regulate are high. This keeps stress at bay and helps us to genuinely like ourselves, increasing our self-esteem.

Having a high EQ, means we have a greater capacity for empathy. Empathy helps us to connect with other people and to feel genuine compassion for their struggles. Empathy is something that helps us to form connections and to stay connected, it helps us be attuned to group emotions and undercurrents and respond accordingly. The best leaders have a strong dose of empathy.

How do you feel about the importance of EQ?

Love Jen