Rituals for Building Connection

When you are an early bird in a relationship with a night owl, you potentially miss out on many opportunities for connection. You might find less time to talk, less intimacy, less touch, and at worst, you are living like friends rather than partners.

Choosing some meaningful rituals around sleep can help create a solid framework for connection in your relationship. When you think about rituals we have for our children to help set the scene for a good night’s sleep; brushing teeth, warm bath, special cuddly toy, reading a book, cuddles and kisses, time to talk openly about their day, it makes sense that this would be helpful as an adult.

You might decide to get up earlier, meditate together, do some exercise, or go for a walk. Creating time for meaningful connection first thing in the morning can set up the tone for the whole day.

What rituals do you find are useful for sleep and waking as a couple?

Much love on your healing journey


Ref: Gottman research: “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” (1999).