Retreat and Service In India

  • ⁣Image 1 – The Golden Temple – This temple has been built according to Vedic science to allow energy to converge and build inside it. It is a masterpiece, and I have never felt stronger energy anywhere else.⁣
  • Image 2 – Full moon fire yagam – This is a sacred ceremony performed at the time of the full moon. This one was especially powerful because it was a blood moon followed by an eclipse.⁣
  • Image 3 – Audience at the full moon yagam⁣
  • Image 4 – Meditation hall – This is the meditation hall where daily meditation is available for all to attend. One session usually lasts for about 3 hours. ⁣
  • Image 5 – Strawberry milkshake ⁣
  • Image 6 – Outside the Golden Temple with my little angel.⁣
  • ⁣Image 7 – Ariel giving out work overalls at the recycling plant ⁣
  • Image 8 – Women sorting the recycling by hand – this is done by hand to keep people employed. During Covid, the Temple managed to keep all of its staff employed. In most families, the person working at the Temple was the only one in their family earning any money. Food became an issue because there was no money. This shows the importance of employment in such rural areas in India.⁣
  • ⁣Image 9 – Ariel teaching at the Temple school, where 70% of the students are first-generation learners. It changes the future of a family and gives them a source of employment later in life.⁣

My time at the Temple has been one of rejuvenation and realignment with what is core to me, spiritual practice and living a spiritual life. When in the energy of the Temple and Amma, it is easy to meditate for hours a day. On an average day, it is easy to spend 7 hours in meditation. ⁣

The result is a MUCH clearer mind, a feeling of joy around my heart and the amplification of a deep desire to serve others. ⁣

I am so grateful for the presence of such Temples where we can go and recharge. Thank you, Amma and all of the devotees and staff of the Temple who make it all so easy for us to visit. You are deeply appreciated. ⁣ (Shiva Shankar, Jagatumbe Narayani, Adi Shakti, Nathalie, Yuvaraj – to name a few) – in my heart!⁣

Music – Janne Na – Sharabina⁣
Image –⁣