Psychotherapy Helps you Get to the Root of your Pain

There is so much that our parents didn’t know about life and were simply unable to teach us. Therapy provides a space to learn tools to help with the mini trauma’s life throws at us.

When we have experienced trauma and we burry it, the body will often react (see “The Body Keeps the Score”), resulting in symptoms like depression, mysterious headaches and unexplainable illnesses. The body cannot be separated out from the mind, emotions and spirit, we are whole, integrated people. Our whole being experiences trauma, and our whole being responds.

In her incredible book ‘The Choice’ Edith Eger, a survivor of Auschwitz, tracks her journey of indescribable trauma, starvation and abuse to being able to connect with the rage 30 years later as a Doctor of Psychology, with a therapist. It is a powerful scene. 

She makes contact with the root of her pain and through her life collects tools to help her manage her life, mind, body and emotions.

Depending on what kind of therapist you are working with, will depend on the tools that are passed on. Some you will resonate with deeply and others, not so much. It is good to try on whatever you are given, feel into it and take what works for you.



What tools have really worked for you in therapy?