Misconceptions About Growth

Have you ever been in the trap of imagining that when you have grown enough, everything in your life will be ‘perfect’? You will have the ‘perfect’ job, one that your sense of purpose is aligned with, and you will be in the ‘perfect’ relationship. 

It can be easy with social media to only see the ‘perfect’ lives of others that they present and then feel less than or not enough. Or it may be that you have placed other people you know on pedestals and found yourself lacking.

What I have found over the years is that real growth is not in having a ‘perfect’ life. It is in how you handle the natural ups and downs of being a human.

It is in the little things where we notice the progress. When someone says something that would have triggered you, and you feel compassion for the other person. When you make a mistake, and rather than be critical, you are gentle and kind with yourself. 

It is in these little moments that we can celebrate and know we are growing. 

How do you know you are growing? I’d love to hear.

Love, Jen