Mastermind Course

Spend 10 hours with me and change the way you relate internally FOREVER!

Build Secure Attachment Mastermind’

If you want more connection in your intimate relationships and to break out of the repeating cycles of distress, this is for you! Having insecure attachment is NOT a life sentence; there is another way to be with yourself and in your intimate relationships…

I was stuck in repeating cycles of the anxious/avoidant dynamic, struggling to connect and being frustrated.

Build Secure Attachment Mastermind’ – starts 19th March.

  • Learn my unique method for building secure attachment
  • Learn how to use your triggers as treasures
  • Map your inner system of parts
  • Meet part of you that is centred, confident and grounded
  • Understand how to move forward in your relationship without the constant push/pull

I have developed ‘Earned Secure Attachment,’ and show you how to do it in this 5-week series.

And I want that for you, too! Let me teach you my process to build secure attachment and have the relationship you know you deserve. 

Build Secure Attachment Mastermind’ – starts 19th March.