Inner Child Tantrums

When I am triggered, I know the reaction comes from an unhealed, younger part of myself. 

Let me give you an example. Let’s imagine that your mother left without any forewarning when you were seven years old. She was gone for a year. No call, no explanation. The grown-ups around you couldn’t or wouldn’t explain. A year later, she returns, but from then on is always threatening to leave. You become clingy as a child, and she often pushes you away in different ways.

You grow up with a fear of her abandoning you, and as an adult, this translates into a fear of friends and partners leaving you. When you are in a relationship, and your partner wants to go away for weekend trips with his friends, you feel he is abandoning you. You know it doesn’t make sense, and it ‘should’ be okay, but you are not okay. As the date for his departure draws closer, you start to question the relationship and make excuses to start fights. You throw tantrums. 

This is how the wounded inner child part of us knows how to communicate. They just do what they know. 

What your child needs is love and attention. I teach you HOW to connect with your inner child and HOW to cultivate the nurturing parent in my ‘Inner Child Healing Course’ launching on Sunday. It is a self-paced course jam-packed with information and practical exercises, worksheets and demonstrations, so you leave with a clear road map of HOW to stay connected to this part of you.

Xx Jen