Group Book Review

I have just finished reading ‘Group’ by Christie Tate. It was an incredible, heartfelt, vulnerable and gutwrenching journey she took me on—the journey of healing and learning to form a secure attachment supported by a group. 

For most people, the idea of doing therapy is pretty scary, and the concept of revealing all of your fears and neurosis in front of strangers is even scarier. But healing can take place in these spaces, and Christie shares the pain, love, tenderness, confrontation and support she found in an eclectic mix of strangers who she credits with saving her life. 

If you have considered doing group therapy, I would recommend looking into an interpersonal ‘Yalom group.’ Irvin Yalom describes group therapy as “a dress rehearsal for life”. 

As part of my psychotherapy Master’s degree, I was in a group for 26 2.5-hour sessions and then went on to train further in running groups in the Yalom style. I learned a lot about myself in that process.

If you are interested in what group therapy might offer you, read this book.


Love Jen