Gifting Yourself Time to Heal

Have you ever become frustrated with yourself on your healing journey? Thinking:

  • Why are relationships still so difficult for me?
  • Why do I still react like a child around my parents?
  • Why do I still feel anxious all the time?

Sometimes we forget that the root of these issues was formed as we were growing. The way we grew changed because of it. 

  • It takes years for our nervous system to develop.
  • It takes years for our attachment style to develop.
  • It takes years for our relational patterns to develop.

How these things grow is largely determined by our environment. Are we safe? Is our family safe? Is there domestic violence so my nervous system can never really relax? Is there neglect and abuse, where I have learned to avoid intimacy?

These wounds developed over time, so it is natural that healing would take time.

  • It takes time for the nervous system to learn that it is now safe.
  • It takes time to shift an attachment style.
  • It takes time to learn to trust.

Give yourself the time you need and deserve. Have compassion for where you are right now. Try not to compare your journey to someone else’s. You are completely different people with completely different wounds to tend. You are exactly where you need to be. You are enough. 

Wherever you are on your healing journey, I see you. Stay safe and be kind to yourselves. 

Love, Jen