Family Time In Bali

 As I look around me from the Balinese day bed I’m sitting on, everything outside is green. So much green everywhere. Tropical green. There is something about the green that makes me relax.⁣

🥝 Why Ubud? Ubud gets its name from the Balinese word ubad, meaning medicine. People would come here to gather medicinal herbs. This ancient practice continues today, with Ubud being one of the global centres for yoga and a place of healing. I love it when a place retains its original spiritual energy. You can feel it everywhere. Walking 2 meters without passing a temple, stupa or offering is difficult. These beautiful offerings are carefully placed outside every business, home and temple. Each contains incense, flowers and food for the spirit of the place. So beautiful and sacred.⁣

Our taxi driver told us that to start a business in Ubud, you need sign-off from the king of Ubud, and something he tried to protect is the spiritual tradition of Ubud. He doesn’t allow bars, clubs or gambling. So Ubud is filled with spiritual seekers, yoga classes and courses, markets, cheap massages ($10 AUD each!!!!) and incredible food.⁣

Feeling so blessed to be living and working in Bali for the next four weeks. Simply magical!⁣