Family Dynamics in the Workplace

Has anyone here run away from your family of origin, only to find the same dynamics being played out at work?

For many people, the answer is YES!!! Why is that?

In my view, this is our psyche trying to heal our past. For example, the dynamic with our father is not present anymore but is unresolved. We find ourselves working with a boss who is JUST like our father, aggressive, bossy, and doesn’t give us enough attention, and we react to this as though we are seven years old. We feel teary when he is critical, scared when he is angry, and sincerely desire his attention, no matter what we have to do to get it.

If you are having interpersonal issues at work, some journaling prompts that could be useful are:

  • Who represents your dad?
  • Who represents your mum?
  • Who is the person who makes you feel just like your (insert relative) did?
  • How do I react when I receive ‘negative’ feedback?
  • Who do I want attention from, and why?
  • Do I do any odd behaviours to get attention?
  • Did I do this behaviour when I was a child to get attention?
  • Who does this person represent to me?

When dealing with these dynamics at work, it can be great to talk it through with a therapist, get insights, and do the healing work around the family of origin and the work dynamics.

As always – so much love to you on your healing journey,