Dissociation And Trauma

“Dissociation is the essence of trauma. The overwhelming experience is split off and fragmented, so that the emotions, sounds, images, thoughts, and physical sensations related to the trauma take on a life of their own.” (Van der Kolk, 2014, p66).

When there has been repeated trauma, especially in childhood, the ability to dissociate and keep yourself safe becomes second nature. 

As an adult, it can be difficult to be in the body and feel safe at all. The process of returning to the body is a gentle, loving process that requires a lot of physical, mental, and emotional safety. It can be done mindfully with a therapist, or as part of a personal healing journey, it CAN be done!

Do you resonate with any of the above? Has this ever happened to you, or does it happen all the time?

Note: this is not a diagnostic tool

Dissociation And Trauma

References: Van der Kolk (2014). The Body Keeps the Score.  London, UK: Random House.