There are different Balis. There is the party-party-party of Seminyak and Kuta, and then there is the completely different land of Ubud. 

The ‘king’ of Ubud doesn’t allow nightclubs and bars in Ubud. He aims to preserve the spiritual and cultural feel of the town. There is no official King of Indonesia, but this title is given to the head of the Puri Ubud royal family and passed on through the male line.

Ubud is a global centre for yoga and healing. It is full of yoga studios, yoga shops, vegan restaurants, and massage places. It is one of my favourite places to come and replenish. 

For my first few days here, I attended 7 a.m. yoga classes and worked during the day. For the last few days, I have taken a complete break to go deeper with my spiritual practice and attend more kundalini yoga and breathwork sessions. 

My passion is bridging the gap between Eastern practices and Western psychotherapy, so everything I learn here informs my personal and professional practice as a psychotherapist. 

I know many people worry about safety in Bali. In Ubud, it is very safe. As a woman traveling alone, the locals tell me that I am entirely safe walking alone at night, and that is my experience and that of my single female friends who live in Ubud. 

I hope my pictures inspire you to visit Ubud soon.