Attachment Wounds CAN Come From Adult Relationships

Attachment wounds don’t only come from your childhood, they can also be formed in adulthood.

Remember that attachment wounds are relational wounds. This means that they happened in a relationship with another person. When we are hurt deeply enough for long enough, we will stop trusting others, even if we have learnt that it is safe when we were children.

Our nervous system reacts to abuse. The sympathetic nervous system, our ‘fight or flight system’ is turned on and it may stop being balanced out with the parasympathetic nervous system, leaving us in a constant state of stress and arousal. 

Our biology starts to react to the dangerous relationship. Our mind and spirit are affected by the abuse. Over time there is an attachment disturbance, and even when the abusive relationship is over you may find yourself mistrustful of others and scared to let others get too close.

With love and support your body, mind and spirit CAN heal from these types of experiences. I would recommend getting the support of an experienced domestic violence therapist and surrounding yourself with people who you knew to be safe and caring before the abusive relationship.

If you resonate with this know that my heart is with you. You got this. Get the support you need. You deserve it.

All my love, Jen