An Intimacy Killer for the Avoiantly Attached

Ever find yourself in a heated argument, and suddenly you switch into ‘logic mode’? When avoidantly attached people feel threatened, they often get all LOGICAL to feel SAFE. When you become logical, you feel your body less. This helps you avoid those uncomfortable and vulnerable feelings. It’s like your brain’s way of protecting you. By focusing on logic, you sometimes manage to reason your way out of the situation. Being logical makes you feel more in control of what’s happening around you. It keeps you in familiar territory because, let’s be honest, emotions can be really unfamiliar and scary.

But here’s the thing—this need to get logical can create distance in relationships. It can make it hard to connect on a deeper, emotional level. If you relate to this, know that it’s okay. It’s a defense mechanism, but awareness is the first step towards change.

Understanding these patterns is key to building healthier, more intimate connections. Recognizing when you switch into logic mode can help you pause and reflect on what you’re truly feeling. It’s about finding a balance between logic and emotion and allowing yourself to be vulnerable even when it’s uncomfortable. Remember, it’s okay to feel, and it’s okay to express those feelings to your partner.

You’re not alone on this journey. Many people experience these patterns, and with awareness and effort, you can create deeper, more meaningful relationships.