A Suicide Attempt Is Not ‘Attention Seeking Behaviour’

It can be confronting to sit and hold space for someone who is feeling suicidal. We have to manage our own feelings as well as hold space for their feelings. 

Before I had training in suicide prevention, I thought that talking about suicide with a person contemplating suicide might encourage them to do it. I found out in training that this is incorrect. In fact, talking openly about it is helpful. It can provide an outlet for intense feelings. 

It is important to listen without judgement or offering solutions. To be an empathetic and validating listener.

When people are considering suicide, they need help from a trained professional. A therapist, counsellor, or doctor as soon as possible. 

Emergency assistance is available in Australia through Lifeline: 13 11 14

A Suicide Attempt Is Not ‘Attention Seeking Behaviour’

Reference: medbroadcast