A Powerful Quote From Stephen Porges.

Trauma is so much more than psychological. Trauma is physiological too. I am so grateful to Stephen Porges and Bessel van Der Kolk for their work in bringing this to the forefront and increasing our understanding of the impact of trauma.

As humans, we naturally want to engage. We want to connect. Most trauma is relational. When we have relational trauma, we learn that others are not safe. Our physical body and nervous system respond to that with patterns of protection.

When these patterns of protection stay with us into adulthood, they can cause isolation, depression and illness.

These patterns can be changed with love and gentleness. A great way to do this in a directed way is with a somatically informed therapist.

Be gentle with yourself on this healing journey – with you always, Jen.

Trauma compromises our ability to engage with others by replacing patterns of connection with patterns of protection - Stephen Porges.