7 Questions for the Avoidantly Attached

If you are avoidant and ready to challenge yourself – here are the questions to ask.

Remember that for avoidant people, you have learned NOT to reach out for support. Nobody has been there to hold you in the way you needed when you reached out. Or some people have been there, but maybe not in the way you needed them to be and perhaps not the person you needed.

When you have learned to be self-sufficient and that you are the only person you can rely on, reaching out for connection from another person is incredibly vulnerable.

But you are human. You need connection. We know from the research that isolation is one of the significant causes of depression and that the happiest humans have a range of fulfilling relationships. 

You can have this too. 

You deserve to have intimacy and connection. 

You deserve to be supported. 

Asking these questions daily will help you think about ways to move forward into more connection. You have so much to give the world, be courageous with the safe people around you. 

So much love to you all,