5 Neuroscience Tips To Help You Focus – From a Licensed Therapist

Have you ever wasted a whole day or week doing easy tasks? I know I have! I find blocking out dedicated time for more complex tasks to be incredibly effective. During that time, I have the ‘do not disturb’ button on my laptop on, and my phone is silent. I don’t check my phone or emails. I make sure I have a drink and have been to the toilet, so I can’t distract myself during this dedicated time (I can be sneaky with this one).

It’s okay if I don’t finish, but I try to stay focused on the task and gently bring myself back if I suddenly find myself reading the news online. If I don’t finish, I look through my diary to find another block of time I can dedicate to this task.⁣

What helps you to focus? Let me know in the comments

Love, Jen