Tips for Setting and Maintaining Boundaries

Boundaries are part of self-care. They are an expression of love and protection from ourselves, to ourselves. I find that the boundaries I struggle to maintain are the ones that for different reasons, other people don’t like. I find the right words to communicate the boundary, then either the boundary is not respected or there is pushback in other ways and I need to be strong enough in myself to stand up for myself and maintain the boundary.

This is where I find some self-talk super helpful. I might hear myself say to myself:

“I may not have communicated that boundary clearly; it is okay for me to go back with a clearer explanation, but not over-explain”.

“It’s okay they are not speaking to me now because I put that boundary in place, that boundary is necessary for a healthy relationship”. 

“I know they are having a strong reaction; I am safe while they are having it, and it will be better for us both when this has passed”.

“I am different to the other people in my family, so of course, I need different boundaries”

What affirmations or self-talk have you found helpful in maintaining boundaries? Let’s share some tips.

Love Jen