Signs I was Healing

Someone asked me recently, ‘How do I know I am getting better, is there some kind of check list?’ We had a giggle about it, but it got me thinking about the signs of healing.

When I began my personal healing journey, I was in a state of deep inner conflict. I had immigrated to a new country and had few support people in my new home. In fact, most of my friends and family were literally on the other side of the planet. 

I knew I needed help and started my exploration in the world of alternative healing. I saw an energetic healer for a long time, and then I started to study. I studied Reiki, kinesiology, meditation, counselling, vibrational medicine, psychotherapy amongst other things. Each modality seemed to gift me a missing part of myself. Slowly I found I was less troubled by the conflict I was working with. I felt myself shifting in gentle ways. 

I think we can think of ‘healing’ as a miracle cure. That one day we will wake up and feel fabulous every day. I think healing is more subtle, it is in the small pauses in conversation, when I pause to check in with my body, or the voice in my head that said ‘no’ as my mouth said ‘yes’. It is in the small moments that change happens.

What has your experience of healing been?

Signs I was healing