Healing as a Scapegoat

Healing is best done with a therapist because a therapist will be able to help you unpack what happened at home and gently start to step into a new perspective. You are likely to have a lot of questions about your perception of reality as you have been told for such a long time that you are the problem.

When you are told repeatedly by everyone in the family unit that you are the problem, you start to believe it. Sure, there probably were times you reacted but you were reacting to something. You were reacting to a pattern. 

The journey of healing is to learn to become more responsive and less reactive. Therapy is fantastic for helping you to find the ‘pause’ before you react, so you have the power in those situations to respond.

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Love Jen

Reference: Gemmill, G. “The Dynamics of Scapegoating in Small Groups, Small Group Research (November, 1989), vol, 20 (4), pp.  406-418