What is Energetic Healing?

Jenny Nurick Shekinah, Energetic Healer

Energetic Healing works holistically with a person to bring about peace, healing and joy.   When the energy body is functioning optimally so are we.  Our physical body is in a better position to heal itself faster, the mind is clearer and more focused, the emotional body is more stable and the soul shines through.

Jenny draws on a wide range of therapeutic and diagnostic approaches drawn from the worlds of psychotherapy, counseling, alternative therapies and energetic healing.

What are the benefits of Energetic Healing?

You do not have to be sick to benefit from energetic healing.  It may be that you would like to connect more with your soul, feel more enthusiastic about your life or let go of the past.  You could just feel a bit ‘stuck’ and not sure where to go in your life, or it could be that you are dealing with a trauma or chronic illness.

People often feel a sense of peace in a healing, a feeling of having expanded their sense of themselves and their capacity.  There can be a feeling of becoming more ‘free’, positive and able to connect more deeply with your own intuition.

As your subtle anatomy is lovingly worked on there can be releases of different kinds, that could feel like the sensation of energy moving out of the body in heat or cold, there could be a big emotional release, rumbling tummy etc.  All of these things are very normal and of course each person and their energy anatomy is unique, so the effects and experiences vary.

What Happens in an Energetic Healing Session?

Your therapy session lasts for 45 minutes (please allow 1 hour for your first session) in which, you may experience only one or a mixture of all the types of healing talked about on this website.  It is a “no-touch” therapy where Jenny uses her guidance and intuition to know the specific combination that will best serve you to affect the greatest shift in consciousness in that particular moment.

You will be in a comfortable chair in a sacred space where lots of deep healing and spiritual practice has taken place.  Being in this energy alone allows the healing to start.

Jenny will give you time to fill out the client form and then chat about any specific outcomes you desire or issues you are dealing with.  Throughout the session Jenny encourages clients to share their thoughts and feelings and often a session is client-led.  In other cases you may drift off and not remember very much.  This is a common experience when unused to strong spiritual energy.

After the session Jenny will usually discuss some ways for you to maintain the new vibration, which may be meditation CDs, a new way of thinking about something, energetic exercises or just to have fun!  The “homework” is different for everyone.

How many sessions will I need?

This varies depending on the person and the issue.  Jenny has had clients come with relationship issues and physical problems that have completely cleared up after just one session.  Others going through major change such as a painful divorce and have been feeling suicidal or very vulnerable may need more support.  Jenny will usually give you an indication of when it may be appropriate to return.

Will I feel improvement after one session?

Yes!  Usually people experience a feeling of lightness, like a load has been lifted from their shoulders.  People have reported feeling more joy, peace, direction and enthusiasm for life, as well as more empowered than ever to stay that way.