Manifesting Your Dreams

For the past 5 years Jenny has been teaching a profound course called “Dimensions of Wealth”, which she learn from its creator Shakti Durga.

In this course she shares the secret to multi dimensional manifesting and assists students to release blockages to creating their dreams here on Earth. Jenny believes Heaven is here on Earth right now and feels it is her role to assist as many as would like to into that reality.

Blockages to manifesting can take many forms and exist at many different levels. It could be that we pray for a Divine Relationship, but do not believe we are worthy of it. We may not have the karma for it, or may not be doing things in the physical that are conducive to it. We may be harboring old pain and fears that are preventing it from manifesting, or still be very attached to an old relationship.

In a healing Jenny will clairvoyantly have a look through all those dimensions to see where the blocks are and then work with you to powerfully shift them.

“In Dimensions of Wealth (a weekend class with Jenny) she explained many of the “rules of the universe” to me in such a succinct manner. I left feeling totally empowered to change my life and create my dreams. In that class I tested the size of my base chakras to see what I was capable of earning energetically. It was a sum one third more than I was earning at the time. Within four weeks I had been given a promotion with that exact amount as a pay rise, which is unheard of in my company! I couldn’t believe it! Thank you Shakti Durga and Jenny”

Marie Richardson, Sydney