Dark Night of the Soul

My Dark Night of the Soul happened in my mid 20’s, when I was forced to re-evaluate the core of my beliefs about the world, about society and who I was. I was also going through a values-based inner conflict about what other people wanted me to be and who I was. It felt like every day I had to choose myself again and again, and it was HARD. I questioned everything, even the deep inner knowing I had. It all came tumbling down. Life was not supposed to be like this. 

During this time I did a lot of soul searching, I was forced to deeply consider who I was at my core and how much of that I could ‘bend’ to make other people happy. It was tough and lasted for over a year. 

When I came out of it, there was a huge sense of relief. I wouldn’t say I had it all figured out, but I do know that experience led me to my vocation, to be a therapist. To hold space for other people going through their own challenges and dark nights, to walk with them through it, with compassion and love. 

To all of you going through this right now. I see you.

I wonder who might hold your hand through this?

You deserve to be held.

So much love to you, Jen