Consequences of Comparison

Let’s first differentiate between being inspired by someone and comparing yourself to someone.

When we feel inspired by someone, we feel uplifted, and hopeful, as though anything is possible. When we are comparing ourselves to someone, there is a one up, one down feeling. More often than not, we come out the other end lacking in some way. It makes us feel less than like we will never be as good as the other person.

The trick here is to know who the people are who spark this feeling in you. Make a list.

Write next to their name. “___ is a wonderful person, and so am I.”
I value their gifts of _, and I value my gifts of _________.”

If they are especially successful in an area where you would like to be successful, see that as a clear indicator of something you would like for yourself.

Write down two actionable things that will move you towards success in that area.

For example, if you compare yourself to your colleague who is wonderful at spreadsheets and receives lots of praise from your boss, then ask your colleague to spend time teaching you how to do better spreadsheets and do an online course.

If you are comparing yourself to a friend who you think of as a better person than you, then look at the qualities you admire in that person and set a daily task to do something that will help to enhance or bring out that quality in you.

Ultimately always remember you are totally unique. As a human, you have been raised differently and had different experiences from every other human on the planet. No two are the same.

Much love, Jen