Breaking The Cycle Of Parentification

When we take on adult roles, whether physically or emotionally, we lose out on part of our childhood and we can lose connection with the playful, joy filled part of ourselves. 

It IS possible to reconnect with this part of ourselves and start to give ourselves the childhood we missed as children.

If you would like some guidance around meeting your inner child, I have an amazing online course that I think you will find super-helpful.

Once you have connected with your inner child the next thing to do is to validate her feelings around her childhood experiences. This can be a painful process and might be best done with a therapist.

Over time, she needs to be given permission to play and have fun, to discover what makes her truly happy and to bring back the playfulness she missed out on in her childhood.

You might discover new hobbies and passions as you allow yourself to play in a new way. As an adult, I discovered that I LOVE to dance (just to pop music with friends or in the kitchen – nothing serious), and this is a powerful way for me to connected to my inner child. As a child I didn’t feel I had much space to play and be silly, so as an adult I give myself some time for this as part of my self-care. I find it lightens my outlook, brings laughter and joy and generally makes me a happier person.

What does your Inner child do for fun?

breaking the cycle of parentification