Spiritual Tarot Course

Are You Ready to Expand Your Intuitive Capacity and Connect with the Mysteries?

If so, this is your opportunity to join a program with other like-minded people, to be receptive and receive the insights you need to open to a bigger, more authentic, soul-connected life.

During these 10 weeks of study:

  • You will be initiated into the energy of the Tarot so the cards can ‘speak’ to you through symbolism, the language of intuition.
  • You will get clear about the ‘blind spots’ that hold you back the most from an exponential level of personal and professional growth, so you can shift unconscious patterns.
  • At the end, you will be ready to give readings to your friends and family to help them on their path.

This Tarot Course is ideally suited to:

  • Healers, coaches, mystics, artists and consultants who want deeper insights into what is REALLY going on in their lives.
  • Intuitive, connected people who want to increase their soul connection
  • Those who are feeling a bit ‘stuck’ in their spiritual path
  • People in the helping professions who are committed to their own awakening and being a force for love and compassion.
  • Men and women who have been on a personal and spiritual growth path and who want to dive deeper into embodying their potential.

The Course Consists of:

  • 3 x 1 hour Instructor-Led Sessions, conducted LIVE online (recordings available)
  • 16 x 1 hour videos, you will receive one or two per week.
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group to discuss your learnings and ask questions of your teacher and your peers
  • Access to all of the content for 1 year through our Member Portal so that you can continue to reinforce your learnings
  • Access to Meditation Downloads from the course
  • $20 Special Member Discount for Private Readings

Live Dates are: Wednesday 29th January 7-8pm AEST, Wednesday 26th February – 7-8pm AEST, Wednesday 1st April – 7-8pm AEST. These will all be recorded and available on your student portal if you are not available to attend at these times.

Book Now And Pay In Full to SAVE $20!

Pay In Full Pay in Installments
A short Tarot reading using the Four of Pentacles Card
Introducing the Empress Card and a short channeled meditation to activate the Crown Chakra
A short Tarot reading using the Three of Wands
A short Tarot reading using The Sun card

Book Now And Pay In Full to SAVE $20!

Pay In Full Pay in Installments